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My Favorite Kitchen Tool

The Silicone Spoon Spatula

The rubber spatula that my grandmother “Mona” introduced me to has now been replaced by the modern heat resistant silicone spatula (spoon spatula, side spatula) that is a must have for every cook.  Have you ever tried to gather all your ingredients from a bowl with a spoon and noticed that invaluable ingredients still remained stuck to the insides?  Well swipe your bowl clean preserving necessary ingredients with a silicone spatula.  They come in regular and mini sizes.  The mini sizes are very useful as they can fit into a jar such as mayonnaise.  The regular size spatulas scrape a wider surface area on bowls and are ideal for folding in ingredients, think chocolate chips.  So, if you have one, well you already know how wonderful these tools are, and if you don’t, pick one up the next time you are at the market! 


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