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Apples, Apples, Apples!

Apples are a fruit of the fall season.  Apple picking is a fun activity that goes on in the months of September and October.  Each week or two the apples that are ready to be harvested change, so there is always a fresh variety to pick during this time.  

On our trip to the orchard, we picked Golden Delicious and Rome Beauty apples.  Golden Delicious describes the apple well as it is golden in color and delicious with every bite.  Rome Beauty is good to eat and also great for baking as it is tart and more firm which allows this apple to hold together better through the cooking process.  

Apple picking is a great way to get children and adults to become connoisseurs of this naturally sweet and healthy treat.  Children love to hunt and reach into the tree for apples.  It is refreshing to walk or run through the orchard in the crisp autumn air.  If you get to pick more than one variety, consider setting up a taste testing table and allow everyone to choose their favorites.  

Children sometimes need assistance with eating apples due to age or teeth that may be loose.  Wearing braces can pose a challenge with apple eating as well.  To help, slice apples into small bite-sized pieces or thin wedges. 

Apples make a quick and easy addition to any meal.  They also stay fresh for a long time in the refrigerator.  In general, one cup of chopped apples provides 65 calories, 17 grams carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fiber (1).  Additionally, apples are full of phytochemicals (plant nutrients) known and unknown.  There has even been research to support apples providing anti-cancer, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial benefits (2).

I recommend apple picking if you get the chance.  There’s nothing quite like having your own fresh picked apples.  What a treat!

1 Calculations are approximations made using NutriBase 19 Pro + Edition, v.19.1 (CyberSoft, Inc.)

2 Hyun TK, Jang KI.  Apple as a source of dietary phytonutrients: an update on the potential health benefits of apple.  EXCLI J. 2016;15:565-569. Published 2016 Sep 19. doi:10.17179/excli2016-483


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