Garage Door Grocery List

One of the things that I like to do to stay organized is to make lists. Not having to remember what I need to be doing or purchasing really frees up my mind to think about other things.  

The type of list that I would like to highlight today is a simple one for groceries you either run out of or want to make sure to get next time you head out to the store. There are many list apps available that can be shared on devices between family members, but I think it is even better to just tape a piece of paper on the door to your garage or driveway which is available at all times for every member of your household to add needed items. The next person going to the grocery can then snap a photo of the list with their cell phone or just grab it on their way out to the store.

When you think of anything you want, simply write it down and move forward!  This can save a lot of time and make your trips to the market more productive. You will also avoid those times when you get home from the store and realize that you forgot something you have been meaning to pick up for days or weeks.

Are you a list person too? I would love to hear what kinds of lists you find useful. 


  • Pam Davis

    Yes! It really saves time. I currently have a chalk board hanging in pantry or dry erase board works well too. All my boys and husband know to write down everything they empty. Snap a picture when headed to store. Great ideas Anne!

  • Ginger Barranco

    I love the dry erase board idea too! I usually do a piece of paper, but a dry erase board would be so helpful for the items that are not groceries or not everyday items the family needs to avoid running to the store all the time!

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